School and District Enrollment

School and District licensing is available and the cost per license is determined by the number of students.

Each student license to Soft Skills Middle includes:

Full access to Soft Skills Middle for all years enrolled in middle school. Career and Life Foundation Course - 8 module, online certificate program. Each module consists of 6 interactive and engaging activities. Students receive a course certificate upon successful completion.

Career PREP - Students have access to Soft Skills Middle WORLD OF WORK where they can virtually explore the 16 Career Clusters. Students will also have the opporunity to take part in Self-Assessment and Career Awareness activities designed to help them begin to see in which career directions their strengths, interests and values may one day lead them.

Going Forward Plan - Designed to help students make a successful transition to high school, college, and the world beyond, students will work with their parents, teachers, and our Soft Skills Middle Coach to put together a flexible going forward e-plan that sets future (modifiable) goals and ways to successfully achieve them.

Online Teacher Training Course - A 3 module course designed for teachers to learn how to enroll, assist, and support students enrolled in Soft Skills Middle.

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