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Teachers Professional Development.

The Soft Skills Pro journey begins with our Classroom and Life Essentials (CLE) an interactive soft skills curriculum designed to prepare teachers for work and life success. The Classroom and Life Essentials (CLE) course is aligned with the employability traits that all industries look for when hiring new employees. The CLE course is taught 100% online and consists of the following 10 modules.

AttitudeTime ManagementService Excellence
CharacterAppearance and Etiquette Leadership
Diversity and CultureTeam Work  
Communication & ListeningCritical Thinking  

The exercises and self-assessments contained in this section are designed to help you conduct a personal “check-up” of the individual skill sets, strengths, interests, values, and personality traits that make you the person and teacher you are today, and prepare you to become the person and teacher you want to be tomorrow.

You’re ready. You’re prepped. And now it’s time to GO! In this final section, you will create a personal Teacher Go! Plan using the 10 Soft Skills as your guide. You will apply what you’ve learned throughout this course to create a personal going forward plan featuring ten practical ways in which you can most effectively role model your newly acquired knowledge of soft skills for your students.


  • Full access to Soft Skills Pro for 3 years.

Course Fee

Organization licensing is available and the cost per license is determined by the number of participants.




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