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Shaping Kids for the Real World!

Middle school students may not recognize it as Artificial Intelligence, but they are no strangers to AI. They carry it around and bow their heads to it more and more every day. Tik Tok. Instagram. Facebook. What they don’t know and what they need to know is that AI is here to stay and – although it’s mostly a source of entertainment today – robots and chatbots will present a real challenge tomorrow when it’s time for them to head out into the real world.

Research shows that the earlier schools prepare students for employment the better they perform in their careers. Today’s employers expect far more from new hires than a degree. With AI charging and changing the workplace, smart simply isn’t good enough. It’s real people skills that matter most to employers now. Things like work ethic, communication, teamwork, creativity. Skills that robots and chatbots can’t replace.

Soft Skills Middle is an engaging and foundational online program specifically designed to introduce middle schoolers to the concepts of personal and career exploration; to help them begin to identify their strengths, interests, and values; and to prepare them for their future success in the classroom, in life, and eventually, in the workplace.

Here's how it works.

Get Ready, Prepared, Go!

Get Ready

The Soft Skills Middle journey begins with our online Career & Life Foundations course – an engaging interactive curriculum designed to help students get ready and become more aware of themselves and how they interact with others. Guided by our fun and inspirational Soft Skills Middle Coach, students will begin to build 8 Basic Soft Skills:

Get Prepped

The second stop on the Soft Skills Middle journey is the WORLD OF WORK. Students will get prepped for the world of work by virtually exploring the 16 Career Clusters in order to introduce them to the great big world of career opportunities that await them in the future. Along the way, students will take part in Self-Assessment and Career Awareness activities designed to help them begin to see in which career directions their strengths, interests and values may one day lead them.


The third and final stop on the Soft Skills Middle journey is GO and Make a Plan. Designed to help students make a successful transition to high school, college, and the world beyond, students will work with their parents, teachers, and our Soft Skills Middle Coach to put together a flexible going forward e-plan that sets future (modifiable) goals and ways to successfully achieve them. 

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Get a glimpse of our engaging online learning platform, interactive lessons, and practical exercises that can help you unlock your own or your students’ full potential to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. Join our community of learners and start your journey towards self-improvement today!


Future-readiness must begin in Middle School

Educational experts widely agree that high school is not early enough to expose learners to the range of high-skill, high-wage, and in-demand careers and to provide the foundational skills necessary to succeed in those careers. The Strengthening Career and Technical Education for the 21st Century Act, also known as Perkins V, emphasizes the importance of career exploration and development activities in middle school, and it allows for funds to be spent on students as early as fifth grade.
Middle school is a crucial period in the development of young people. It is a time when they are transitioning from childhood to adolescence and eventually adulthood, and they are developing important social skills and learning to interact with peers and adults in various settings. Developing soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and adaptability, is critical for both personal and social growth and success in the workforce. Therefore, parents, teachers, and community leaders should prioritize the development of these skills during this stage of students’ lives.
Although hard skills like coding and robotics are essential, equipping students with 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and adaptability is equally vital. By focusing on these skills, we can prepare middle schoolers to face the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century confidently and with enthusiasm. Middle school is an ideal time to prepare for the rapidly changing world of work, and modern educators have an excellent opportunity to equip students with the necessary soft skills for success in both personal and professional aspects of their lives.




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